Sunday, February 21, 2010

Greyt Getaways • Yoder, Oregon

Saturday, February 13 we loaded Danny Bleu into the car and headed for another country road. Destination nowhere. We followed the roofs of barns, turning left at this corner and right at that corner.

We drove through a little town with an old school and an old general store. We thought we were just passing through until just about at the edge of town, we passed an old homestead that required a u-turn to go back for a second look.

I stepped just inside the "keep-out" signs to snap a quick picture when a truck drove by. I smiled and waved and he kept going. About 15 minutes later, he drove back by, stopped and rolled down the window. At this point, I had made a few more steps beyond the "keep-out" signs.

John was wonderful. The property had been homesteaded by his wife's great-grandparents. They were the Yoder's from Missouri. He thought the house had been built around 1879. Behind it stood the carriage house and a barn.

He graciously allowed us to walk around the property and take pictures.

The door had fallen into the entryway and had the house been in better shape, it would have welcomed us in.

The narrow stairway made it's way up to four of the five bedrooms.

The living room was just to the right of the front door adorned with windows and each side and a bay window in the front.

The kitchen was toward the back of the house.

John said that the maple tree was key in holding up the house up.

The red barn was behind the carriage house and still in use.

The model A garage was barely standing and scheduled to come down later this year. I loved this building.

Sadly, I didn't think to get Danny Bleu out of the car for a quick picture. The old homestead was fabulous and I hope to get back for another visit.

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