Thursday, February 26, 2009

When good boys go bad

Mickey was ours from the very first day of his life. As an adorable four day old puppy, Karen held him in the palm of her hands. 

He had almost perfectly symmetrical black patches on a snowy white body and as a young pup although slightly shy, he was very sweet.

He grew up and went off to the races. Clearly just a pretty boy, he never raced. Instead he opted for fame and fortune by posing for Cowdog magazine.

First, he was the cover dog.

Then, he became cow mate of the month, streaming his beautiful, pulsing body edge to edge across the centerfold.

Home at last, Mickey misses the big action of bright lights and city streets.

And the recessive greyhound "cushion destruction" gene has emerged.

RIP little cushion.

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